About us

Our Values is to serve our customers professionally, with the integration of marketing and merchandising expertise along with technical support to build such a comfort level with customers, which would make them feel that they are in the right place to get the true competitive merchandize with outstanding quality. we believe A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us–we are dependent on him. A customer always bring bless with him.


We export mainly to USA, Europe, Canada, Japan and expanding our network in other regions as well. We are expanding exports to all over the world and our products are totally manufactured in Bangladesh.


Our vendors are: 

  • Soultex Fashion Limited 
  • West Apparels Limited 
  • Mukul Knitwear Limited
  • Master Cham Limited 
  • Next Composite Limited 
  • BD Sky Composite Limited 
  • Smee Apparels Limited 
  • Seven Links Apparels Limited. 
  • Shangu Tex Limited 
  • SF Sweaters Limited
  • Eurozone Fashion Limited

We are proud of having a strong and professional Merchandising, Compliance and experienced QC team, who have been in the business for a long period of time. Therefore we can provide optimum customer satisfaction in terms of the quality of the goods. With our strong networkand expertise we can con fidently offer our customers a great service, competitive pricing and the best quality products. 

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